Singing Equality Across the Country! 

We’re sharing the song with school districts across the country. We’re inspiring America and the world with the power of our song.  

 We hope your school will join us and be part of this wonderful program, 
“Singing Equality Across America and around the World.”

Singing Equality Across America and Around the World

We are sharing the program, “Singing Equality across America and around the World,” with school districts across the country. We are inspiring America and the world with the power of our song. It has a simple, inspiring, and empowering message of equality for all people.

Imagine children across the globe learning the song, “We All See the Stars,” by John Ciambriello and we cultivated it to live in their hearts into adulthood the kind the world we could have! Imagine children performing the song at the White house, the UN General Assembly, the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Superbowl. We hope you will imagine all of this with us to realize it. We hope your school will join us and be part of this wonderful program, “Singing Equality Across America.”
We have 3 music sheets available. The original version, a version in key of C, and a version in key of D.
To download the instructions and the music sheets, first complete the registration below. The links for the music sheets and the key of C and D music files are located on the confirmation page. If you want to save a copy of the music file, "right click" the music player. to get to the save menu.

Singing Equality Registration Form

We hope you will join World Unity Inc. in our program, “Singing Equality Across America.” Our song can inspire students and communities to feel equality. Imagine children singing the song in your school and beyond. It can inspire your leaders to create a community and a world that values everyone. World Unity Inc. is offering an educational presentation of our song. Please fill out the registration form to receive a copy and consideration making a donation. It will help us continue to introduce the song to school districts across the country and build the World Unity Landmark. Thank you for your leadership and support.

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