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Children singing We all see the stars on Youtube


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Singing Equality Across the Country!

Singing Equality!

Imagine if children across America learned the song, “We All See the Stars,” by John Ciambriello!  Imagine
them singing it to their community!  Imagine them singing it at the White House or a UN General Assembly
to world leaders!  We hope you will imagine this with us to realize it. We hope your school will join us and
be part of this wonderful campaign,” Singing Equality across America.” 

Make a donation to help us share the song, “We All See the Stars,” by John Ciambriello and build the
World Unity Landmark. We believe this can help America continue to be the light in the world promoting
unity and equality for all people. Thank you for your support.

Educational presentation of  “We All See the Stars” by
singer/songwriter John Ciambriello

To download these instructions and the music sheet, complete the registration by clicking on the link at the
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music sheet which will appear on the next page.

The Sun Poem:
Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone: Black,
Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun does not discriminate © 1985

History of the song:  “We All See the Stars,” was the winning song in a national songwriting contest. 
Participants had to take the Sun poem and make it come alive in a song that was 2 minutes or less.

History of The Sun Poem:  The poem came out of a powerful experience Sara Ting an Asian American
had with the sun.  At the time she was searching for the right place to worship.  After searching for several
months and never feeling welcomed she felt very disheartened. One grey New England Sunday morning
she was returning from another disappointing visit at a church.  She stepped on to a bus that was
practically empty and as she leaned her head against the window the sun broke through the clouds
came shining through the window she heard the sun speak in a calm warm fatherly voice, he said,
I don’t just shine on you Sara I shine on everyone.”  This experience inspired the Sun poem.

Here is a topic for a lesson: Expressing Equality through a Song inspired by a Poem
Goal: Engage students to discuss, listen and write a poem about equality, diversity and inclusion.
1) Teaching the concept of the power of poetry and music to express feelings
2) Teaching students self-expression and finding their voice
3) Engaging students to write a poem


1) Introduce the Sun poem and give history
2) Introduce the lyrics of the song and give background how it was created.
2) Engage students in a conversation to express what’s important to them
3) Identify the feelings expressed in the Sun poem and the song and how it speaks to the students
4) Create a list with the students of all the people the sun shines on and ask them if the sun does not
discriminate then what is the poem saying to us?
5) Play the song
6) After playing the song invite students to write a short poem about what equality, diversity and inclusion
means to them.

How to Download the Educational Presentation and Music Sheet
You must first register using the online form for access to the educational presentation and music sheet.
Once you have completed the form and clicked the "Submit button" at the bottom of the form, the following
confirmation page will appear. See below:

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You must click on the "Return to form" link to access the presentation and music sheet which will appear
on the next page.

To begin, click here to begin the registration process and download the presentation and music sheet.


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